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AccuraBooks Advanced QuickBooks Technical and Bookkeeping Support.

Do you need efficient and proper bookkeeping cleanup, maintenance and technical support? Since 2008, I have been helping clients of all small business sizes and industries maintain their bookkeeping processes, so they can simply just run their business with less worry about support.

Quite simply, in the bookkeeping industry, you probably are going to get what you pay for. There may also be less of a chance of encountering tax filing & forecasting delays due to simply hiring a qualified bookkeeper.

Is AccuraBooks The Right Fit For You?

Use The Key Points Below To Help You Determine This.

1) Your business will earn (gross receipts) between $100k & $5 million annually.

2) You require between 1 to 15 hours per month of bookkeeping maintenance (which can include complete bookkeeping duties or specific tasks such as accounts payables, accounts receivables, payroll, job costing, inventory management, bank reconciliations).

3) You want the exact same bookkeeper to directly communicate to and depend on for all bookkeeping tasks.

4) You are behind and need immediate catch up and clean up of all bookkeeping & technical issues.

5) You have had performance issues with current or previous bookkeepers and your books need help.

6) You want someone independent to reconcile and close out the books periodically (such as monthly) and provide reports while keeping your own in-house staff to perform the daily separate financial duties (such as invoicing and payroll tasks).

7) You simply do not have time for bookkeeping and need dependable services.

8) You want a very small bookkeeping firm to know your books inside and out.

AccuraBooks offers daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly remote full charge bookkeeping services and monthly on site services to small businesses. I also provide consulting reviews to analyze your current bookkeeping status and make recommendations where applicable.

AccuraBooks works with any C.P.A. or financial consulting firm and can provide recommendations to you. Over the years, clients have depended on AccuraBooks making their budgeting/forecasting & fiscal year-end closings lives easier and cost-efficient simply because they can depend on the accurate and timely work of AccuraBooks.


AccuraBooks Processes are Timely and Transparent.

I strive to maintain communications and check-ins with clients at least on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis (where appropriate) to ensure everyone at least has an update on the status of their books. For remote work, emailing is the preferred method of communications however phone and screen-sharing sessions are sometimes warranted (especially upon taking over the business books for the first time) to resolve more complex issues and provide detailed recommendations.

AccuraBooks has hourly and flat rates available for all bookkeeping services performed; payroll & tax services will always have separate fees. I bill clients monthly either on the 1st or 15th and charge a credit or debit card on file by the due date. My billings to the client are detailed, per bookkeeping task performed, so the client knows exactly what they are paying for.

AccuraBooks efficient and timely bookkeeping expertise helps reporting needs for:

  • Loans & Lines of Credit
  • Non-profit Grants
  • Reports for Board Members
  • Budgets & Forecasts
  • Investor Confidence
  • Executive Meetings

AccuraBooks Services



Develop Your Plan

Develop Your Plan

For startup entrepreneurs, efficient and simple systems can be created to get you off and running. If you are a seasoned business, then it's just a matter of developing more suitable approaches & organizational schemes to get you to that next step.

Trim the Bookkeeping Piles

Trim the Bookkeeping Piles

AccuraBooks believes the correct sign of an organized bookkeeper is a clean desk, constant planning and clear communications. Our formula for catching up the books and eliminating the waste has helped our clients tremendously.

Expert Bookkeeping Fixes

Expert Bookkeeping Fixes

When you run into perplexing bookkeeping and QuickBooks technical challenges and don’t know how to fix them, usually hiring a professional bookkeeper such as an Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor who is also experienced in small business bookkeeping can help you solve your puzzles efficiently and move forward.

Efficient Bookkeeping Maintenance

Efficient Bookkeeping Maintenance

AccuraBooks provides ongoing bookkeeping services to ensure all your crucial Income Statement and Balance Sheet accounts are providing relevant and reliable information for you. AccuraBooks simply does not rubber stamp bookkeeping services or pigeonhole clients.

QuickBooks Cloud Services

QuickBooks Cloud Services

Software and server solutions means your financial management systems can be simply accessed and maintained without the need to share your personal login information with AccuraBooks.

Full Service Payroll Solutions

Full Service Payroll Solutions

AccuraBooks offers complete in-house Full Service Payroll and 1099 solutions for your employees in Texas and your contractors anywhere in the nation. Payroll subscriptions and 1099 solutions are an available option for ongoing bookkeeping clients.