Apply Payments Directly to Accounts Receivable

There are sometimes situations when it is not possible to apply a customer payment to an open invoice, such as when receiving payment up front, or an advance deposit.  In these types of situations, it is tempting to simply make a straight deposit that applies the payment directly to the Accounts Receivable account.  The issue with applying the payment in this way is that the payment will not show up under your customer in the Customer Center.

Instead of making a deposit directly into Accounts Receivable, you will want to use the Receive Customer Payments Module.  Even though you will not be applying it against an invoice at this time, it will continue to show up to be matched to an invoice later.

When you are ready to apply the payment, you can either use the Apply Credits button at the bottom of the customer’s invoice, or double click on the payment and check off the invoice(s) you want it applied to.

Running an Accounts Receivable Aging or Open Invoices report on a regular basis is a good way to find any outstanding credits or unapplied customer payments in your QuickBooks file.  Running one of these reports on a weekly basis will also aid in finding unpaid customer invoices.

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