Finding a QuickBooks Host Provider

When researching QuickBooks Host Providers, it is important to know what you are looking for and what you will need from your provider before you give them your business.  While there are certainly many considerations, such as price and reputation, there are two major characteristics to look for in your QuickBooks host:

  • Communication
  • Consistency

Realize that in an online environment QuickBooks add-ons, such as Inventory Management software, can slow your processing speeds and sometimes not even work unless you purchase a higher level (and generally more expensive) level of hosting.  A good QuickBooks host will carefully walk you through these options ahead of time.

A good QuickBooks host will often provide a “starter package” on your virtual desktop with features such as Adobe Reader.  This good QuickBooks host has already considered what you will need to accomplish your day-to-day tasks.

Inconsistent server speeds are an important consideration as well.  Some companies oversell their capacity, and their speeds often fluctuate below what is acceptable to function in your host environment.  Customer Service is also a significant concern.  A good QuickBooks host will have consistently good speeds all day, every day.  They will not charge you extra for receiving the services you signed up for.  A good QuickBooks host will also provide friendly and helpful Customer Service to help you when issues do arise.

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