Entering Point of Sale Expenses into QuickBooks Online

There is a convenient way to enter in those “on-the-fly” purchases (paid for at the time of purchase, such as at a retail store), into your QuickBooks Online company file.  This method is NOT available in QuickBooks Desktop.

Starting from your QuickBooks Online home page, click on the plus sign at the top and then click on Expense, which is right below Vendors.  This will take you to a generic payment screen.  In the past, you would have to click on the exact account in your Chart of Accounts or click on the Check feature or the Enter Credit Card Transaction feature before you were able to enter in your retail purchase.  The convenience of being able to select any funds account, whether a bank account or credit card, from this one screen is a true time saver.  This Expense feature in QuickBooks Online can save you from having to navigate around the entire QuickBooks Online file when entering these types of transactions.

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