Experienced or “Team Player” Candidates

Some small businesses may find themselves these days on having to choose between hiring an experienced person, perhaps for more money, and hiring someone to be primarily a team player.

Both of these philosophies have their benefits, so it is just a matter of choosing which skill set your business needs right now.

A candidate with experience can also be a team player, but supervisors of that experienced person may find themselves butting heads with subordinates of this caliber and thus the relationship here may not last because supervisors may lack the necessary skill set on handling this type of employee.

However, if a business wants to hire primarily a dedicated team player; someone they can train into the business’ ways of doing things, then it is just a matter of patience to mold someone into your business philosophies.

These days it seems like “team player” type candidates are being chosen over candidates that have years of relevant industry experience on their resumes, simply because it is more cost efficient in the long run to train someone into a position that will be doing the same tasks as an experienced candidate that will be worth more money to begin with.

So, in the end, it is just a matter of what your small business needs right now to accomplish its goals. Thus, you can hire an in-house bookkeeper (for much less money) to train in the long run, but also contract out an expert, from time to time, to review the in-house books, answer all questions, and perhaps assist a CPA to close out the books if need be.

So, I recommend this type of approach if your small business is ready to hire bookkeepers to maintain the daily/weekly business financials.

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