One of my clients is an Amazon retailer. He requires continuous maintenance of all his sales; including all the associated Amazon fees, sales refunds, shipping costs, and inventory adjustments. I must regularly access his Amazon account to gather all this information as well as the information from the associated Amazon lending accounts.

We have used both the QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop versions for this client’s bookkeeping, and have found that the Online version best fits his needs at this time. I use my own software platform, however, to process the payroll for all his warehouse employees.

In addition to various bank and credit card accounts, this client utilizes other loan and line of credit accounts from entities such as Kabbage, On Deck, Discover, Swift Capital, and PayPal that require maintenance. Moreover, I prepare his monthly and quarterly sales tax filings for all the states in which his business has nexus.

Understanding the complexities of how the various Balance Sheet type accounts tie together requires the careful planning of correct expense buckets for all the interest payments and associated fees for the various lending accounts.

Maintaining this client’s accounts is clearly more involved and requires time and thought to accomplish correctly. I believe that the best job is one done right the first time. I stay organized and patient to ensure books that my client can depend on.

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