Reporting “Statement Charges” in QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop

What I am referring to by “Statement Charges” is the personal time that you accrue while working on client files (and track via time entries in QuickBooks), and then bill to your clients later on “invoicing day.”

I use these charges in my own practice, and I run a report at least weekly to tell me how many total hours I worked in a week.  This report is easier to create and maintain in QuickBooks Desktop simply because QuickBooks Online does not include these charges in your Profit & Loss report.  In fact, QuickBooks Online does not consider statement charges as part of revenues until they are converted into invoices, at which time the statement charges are reverted back to zero or null.

This treatment in QuickBooks Online is very inconvenient to those who like to go back and run reports to determine the amount of time spent and the value of those hours.  Instead, you would have to export this data into an Excel spreadsheet and manipulate it from there to get the information you seek.  In QuickBooks Desktop, however, you can easily create one customized report that does all of this, regardless of whether you have billed the customer or not.

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