Using Timesheets to Enter Employee Payroll Information

Using timesheets to enter detailed employee time and job information is necessary if you want to run reports in QuickBooks showing all time worked per customer/job.  Timesheets are not necessary if you only want to know the monetary value of the time worked for your customers/jobs.  If you only need the monetary value information, you can simply enter all the line item employee information directly into the employee paycheck screen when processing payroll.  In this case, you will NOT have the option to write in any notes for jobs as you would in timesheets.

Entering timesheets into QuickBooks can be very simple or very tedious, depending on the detail level you desire.  If you are using paper timesheets to enter your employee time information into QuickBooks, you must be diligent to avoid errors.  There are other options available, however, that will work with your QuickBooks software.  You can find a time tracking app that will fit your needs and work with QuickBooks here:

Allowing employees to enter their time directly will help to avoid errors and multiple entries.  Using QuickBooks-approved apps will ensure that your product will work seamlessly with QuickBooks to provide the time tracking information accurately for your processes.

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