The Best Ways to Purchase or Upgrade QuickBooks

It is usually not a good idea to purchase your software directly from the software maker’s site, or from big box office supply stores.  These places usually charge full “MSRP” prices, and you can almost always find a better deal with just a little effort.

One great resource is  Not only does their sheer volume allow them to sell at great discounts, but the ability for you to access your purchases from your Amazon account are a great bonus.  For instance, if you purchase a software download rather than the physical disk, you would be able to access that download from your Amazon account in the future, should you need to reinstall or lose your computer.  Do be aware that prices will fluctuate more on Amazon during the initial year of a software’s release.

Wholesale clubs are another great option for software.  These stores are also able to offer discounts due to their high-volume sales, and are a sure bet for better prices than retailers.

With advances in technology, it is not always necessary to purchase a physical disk anymore, and may places will offer a discounted price for a download version of software.  You will need to store your license and product codes in a safe place so that if you ever need to re-download your software you will not have to purchase it again.

Installing QuickBooks on your computer can take as little as 20 minutes to complete.  If you are upgrading an earlier version of QuickBooks, it will take a little longer.  If you are using a 3rd party hosting provider, you simply need to forward your license and product codes to them.

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