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AccuraBooks Full Service Payroll


Multi-Industry Bookkeeping Services in Austin Since 2008

AccuraBooks Full Service Payroll

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AccuraBooks is the experienced authority in multi-industry bookkeeping expertise and support. I have been in business since 2008 simply because I take care of my clients and perform bookkeeping work in a safe and efficient manner. I understand the importance of accurate bookkeeping and how it affects the future of your business decision-making. Bookkeeping simply comprises continuous, never-ending tasks where lots of things can happen and that’s why it’s beneficial to have experienced help.
If you are searching for a qualified & trustworthy bookkeeper, then give me a call at 512-758-2180 and see why my clients are happy with AccuraBooks!

-David Kuzak, Managing Member, AccuraBooks

Client Reviews

Bookkeeping Issues-Solved

Ongoing bookkeeping issues and how they were solved

Handling Accounts Receivables within Two Different Systems (at the same time)

My client, Amelia, owns an architecture design business and has hired AccuraBooks to do two things: Maintain the bank/credit card reconciliations on a monthly basis. Maintain the “back-office” Accounts Receivables. Amelia desires…

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Spec & Custom Homes Bookkeeping Clean Up

My client, Kimberly, is the owner of a home building business and specifically Kimberly builds both Spec and Custom homes. Kimberly hired AccuraBooks to catch up and clean up the entire bookkeeping…

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Hotel Weekly Audits

My client, Maxine, owns a hotel retreat in a small town and has hired AccuraBooks to not only maintain the back office bookkeeping, but also conduct weekly audits of the reservations, check-outs…

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