Client Reviews

For the past 10 years, AccuraBooks has been providing bookkeeping services for me personally as well as for companies I’ve helped manage. I originally chose AccuraBooks for inventory setup, logistics management and bookkeeping help for our pet food manufacturing business (Nulo) back in 2011 and since this time, AccuraBooks has been instrumental in providing an array of bookkeeping services dealing with inventory, real estate, paper investments, payroll, AR/AP, logistics, multi-state sales tax and packaging regulations, and the usual monthly reconciliation close-out process. I have found David Kuzak to be a highly organized, efficient and flexible professional who possesses a deep understanding of accounting principles. I would definitely recommend AccuraBooks for just about any bookkeeping need as David’s depth of experience allows him to handle just about anything requested of him, while always meeting important deadlines – whether monthly, annually or ad hoc. And all with a friendly and patient demeanor to boot! AccuraBooks is really the best bang for my buck as David really understands all of the typical nuances and day-to-day requirements of small and rapidly growing businesses.

Brett Montana

Co-founder, Nulo

Hiring David Kuzak as our bookkeeper is one of the best decisions that I have made for my business. He is fast, accurate and trustworthy. David has given me more time to work on my business, rather than in my business. It is not a coincidence that my company has grown significantly since hiring him.

Clint Smith


I started out as a small business owner in Austin, TX about 4 years ago. Today we have 9 locations and are looking to expand into 2 more cities. Bringing in David Kuzak for bookkeeping was one of the more mature and responsible decisions I made when I 1st started. Before David, my books were a mess and doing my taxes was a nightmare. Today we still work together and I plan on keeping him on the team for as long as I’m in business. What David brings to the table that is most valuable to me is his attention to detail of every cent that goes in or out of our company. It’s as if the IRS is auditing me every month, so when and if I am ever audited, it will be an easy task. I love numbers and I enjoy keeping track of my books, but David is insurance that it’s done right. On one occasion, he caught my mistake of over-paying an employee significantly and there are many errors like this that has allowed my investment in David to pay off tremendously. Need a bookkeeper? Go with AccuraBooks.

Shawn Martinez

CEO/Founder, FXfit

We have grown from a technology based Start Up to a small business, with that came a lot of twists and turns. As we grew to understand what to expect from the tech industry, we realized that we had more to learn about our accounting systems. Thankfully, we were able to have David help us with our accounting for over 5 years now. There is not enough room in any website, book, or other medium to express how stellar his work is. David and his team are extremely dedicated. David in particular, regularly provides insight on how we can improve our systems, what landmines we should be looking out for (which due to his hard work they are far and few between), and how we can prepare ourselves to be even better the next year. His knowledge of his systems is unprecedented, and he is constantly taking the time to make sure he is learning more so that way he is on top of the new trends/laws/regulations. While he is learning he spends the extra time to educate his clients in a way that isn’t belittling or too hands off. 123 Bookkeeping is a solid dependable service. There has never been a time where they have let us down and they are inconceivably accommodating. Our questions and concerns are regularly addressed and we know that we can simply, trust them. Our company has leaned on David for quite some time and we greatly value his hard work and dedication. I have heard many times how he is constantly looking to be valuable and the help his clients and it has really shown for us. David and 123 Bookkeeping are really valuable resources. We have improved so much as a company with them by our side.

Rocksauce Studios

Our company has a complicated system due to international grant accounts and projects. David helped to organize these complexities and make it simple for our organization to use. Not only that, his customer service skills are stellar. He has always been there for us when we need him, happy to help and very knowledgeable.

International Virtual e-Hosptial Foundation

We've worked with David to initially clean up and now maintain our books for over 6 months now. We depend on him and his bookkeeping skills to keep us on track. David is easy to work with and can converse with our CPA on various topics. We would highly recommend him.

Mike Paclik

MPAC Development/Lucky Arrow Retreat

Savvy advice, top-notch service. I can’t recommend David highly enough!

Jay Billig

David has been working with our company since 2009. We have a clothing boutique in Central Austin and he has been incredibly helpful with our quarterly QuickBooks POS check-ups to make sure that our QB Enterprise software is communicating all of the correct information from our retail store to our back-office software. He understands the nature of our business and is able to discuss knowledgeably the issues that come up from time to time as we go about our sales year. Each quarter, we ask David to come and have a look at our information so that at the end of each year we are all lined up to give our P&L to our CPA. For any business, the end of year is always a crazy time for paperwork and David helps us immensely get our ducks in a row. He is a pleasure to work with and we plan on using him for years to come!

Spring Frost Boutique

We have been extremely happy since finding David Kuzak approximately six months ago. Our business was slowly taking off so we hired a bookkeeper to help us with our Quick Books accounting. Our first bookkeeper lasted about a week before becoming overwhelmed. David has been dynamite. As an owner and an operator I don’t have time to account for every transaction and the reality is that it would probably take me four times as long as it does Dave. He’s been efficient, punctual, accurate and friendly. He even developed a report for me which included projecting sales out for five years when I needed these documents to get approved to offer financing to our clients. We couldn’t be happier with David and AccuraBooks.

Titan Siding and Windows LLC

David was very helpful to us after we transitioned from MYOB to Quickbooks. He helped us learn a lot about the software and has helped us directly on many reconciliations, adjustments and projects.

Landes Bioscience

As the Executive Director of Kids In Technology, a small community nonprofit organization, it is imperative that we have a professional bookkeeper of the highest integrity. As a 501 (c) 3 IRS nonprofit organization, we solicit grants and donations to support our organizational services to underprivileged children; therefore our accounting records are public. It is critical that our records are maintained monthly to prevent questionable accounting practices. David Kuzak, (123 bookkeeping) has been that bookkeeper “ounce of prevention. that proved to be a pound of cure”. David is a professional that makes sure every penny is accounted for, ensure that all of our accounts are being done to a good standard, and keeps all of our organization’s accounts up to date. As a result we have been able to secure grant funding and prove to our donors and funders that we are creditable. David is a proven, competent and experience Bookkeeper with the highest integrity.


123 Bookkeeping has been responsible for our books for over 10 years and, without any qualification, I highly recommend any small business to employ David Kuzak’s services. He is reliable, honest, punctual and best of all prepares highly accurate and useful monthly financial statements. His attention to detail is another major strength and when added with his strong determination to “get it right” makes him a valuable part of the team. Please feel free to call me if you want to know more – I will gladly take your call. 512-608-9500 His value is not only as a bookkeeper per se, but as a resource that does not narrowly focus on just one area. He knows that the other aspects of running a small business such as advertising, marketing, product development, warehousing and shipping are part of the equation. This allows him to work with a client more as a business consultant than a simple bookkeeper. He keeps his nose to the grindstone and when he asks a question it is clear he has attempted to solve the problem on his own without bothering me unnecessarily. Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you want to know anything else about David. My name is Paul Scott and I own Design 88, Inc., a designer, manufacturer, and importer of printed paper products for the floral industry.

Paul Scott

Design 88 Inc.

QuickBooks can be confusing at times but the program became a great asset to our company here at Austin Mobile Drug Testing. Thank God I found 123 Bookkeeping to really help me learn the full potential of QB. 123 Bookkeeping’s prices & patience has made my accounting nightmares become sweet dreams. Thank you 123 Bookkeeping.

Austin Mobile Drug Testing

As a Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur, I buy, sale and lease income-producing properties. And there always seems to be higher priorities than bookkeeping. When David Kuzak was recommended to me I was a year behind on my books and taxes were due. He jumped in and quickly assessed what was going on with my three companies. He re-structured my QuickBooks accounts and set up a plan. David is easy to work with and makes sense of my unorthodox ways. His organization and communication keeps me on track and provides valuable financial information. I have found David to be a professional that is always ready to tackle new demands that arise.

Randall Thomas

CR Properties

David from 123 bookkeeping services LLC has been very helpful and efficient in helping me solve my QuickBooks problems for my ATEX engineering consulting business. In addition, he researched several aspects to easily use Quickbooks and integrate my managerial accounting practice. He made himself available outside business hours and worked with me using remote screen sharing connection. That was great. I highly recommend him.

Vincent Paul

ATEX Consultant

My name is Mike Massey, I own Kitchen Encounters, LLC in Belton, Texas. Our company needed someone to come to our location to “do” bookkeeping as well as to “teach” bookkeeping. We couldn’t afford to let important functions slip through the cracks while we struggled through the bookkeeping learning curve; nor could we afford to pay an arm and a leg to accomplish that task. David is exactly what we were looking for. Without David’s assistance, it is difficult to tell how many important functions would have been overlooked; not to mention accuracy. I am certain that David saved us a lot of money that would have been lost to errors.

Mike Massey

Kitchen Encounters LLC

We’ve been working with AccuraBooks for a few years and as our business has expanded, they have kept up with all demands. It is really a pleasure working with a company that is so proactive in getting the job done. They handle every task we have, from the reconciliation of all of our asset & liability accounts (including Amazon & Paypal) to state sales tax filings and even to inventory tracking & adjustments. I would recommend this company for any small to medium size business.

Andy Broadway

We have been working with David since 2012, and we are very happy with the support and service he has been providing to us. He converted our original QuickBooks Online platform to QuickBooks Desktop and also created and integrated the Rapid Inventory Management system platform into QuickBooks. He is also instrumental in maintaining and reconciling our cash, credit, payables and receivables each month. Whenever we have questions, David always responds within 48 hours. Thus we highly recommend AccuraBooks and their system of integrity they maintain.

Santiago Romano

Masterbind USA

David is a great resource for our company! He made my Inventory headaches go away, and gave me the confidence I need to be successful with QuickBooks. I will definitely be using David's services moving forward.
David was also very pleasant to work with. He listens and tries to understand your needs. He gave me clear options to resolve our problem.
Thanks David!

Kevin Pauley

Heelho LLC

I have some technology anxiety and David was great at guiding us through the process to migrate to Quickbooks Online. In the process we identified some outstanding issues in our books and David was able to help work through them and gave really good advice. His experience in a variety of industries really comes through and the new software is working great!

Taylor Cook

Farmshare Austin

Over the past five plus years, David has supported us through several business ventures. We first hired him to help us through a tricky transition. We wanted to create an in-house position for a bookkeeper and elected to promote a talented (but inexperienced) young woman from within our science publishing business. David first trained her and then reviewed her work monthly. Since then he's worked with us as we launched two new startups. He's handled payroll, tax payments plus month-to-month bookkeeping. He's an excellent, and affordable, resource for small businesses like ours.

Catarina Wylie

700 For Science, Solving the Organ Shortage

For the last 9 years David has done a remarkable job in handling the bookkeeping, tax filing and provided reports when requested. David has always been available and responsive and cooperative when called upon. I would highly recommend David for any accounting service you might be considering , knowing first hand that it will be done in a timely and accurate manner. The ultimate question is would I engage David again if the need arises, the answer is YES without a reservation or second thought Ken R Austin Tx/ Taos NM

Ken Richardson

KCR Enterprises