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Bookkeeping Catch-Up Overview

When you find yourself seriously behind in your bookkeeping to the point of considering hiring someone to catch up your books for you, here are some tips to help you, as the business owner, consider and review first: Review the status of all of your bank and credit card reconciliations. Cash and credit reconciliations are

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Liability Catch-up

Recently I was hired on by my client, Maria, to take over the bookkeeping for her home design and remodeling company. There was an enormous amount of bookkeeping catchup and cleanup needed for her company because Maria had not had a bookkeeper nor maintained most of the bookkeeping for the past four months. After catching

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Job-Costing Catch Up

My client, Olivia, hired AccuraBooks a few months ago to do the following: Catch up the bookkeeping Create a job-costing platform & process Provide bookkeeping maintenance going forward Upon review of Olivia’s bookkeeping in her QuickBooks company file (home design & remodel service), it was discovered there were current customer jobs still open that actually

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