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Bookkeeping for Loan Refinance

My client, Sophia, has recently obtained mortgage refinancing for two of her properties and has asked AccuraBooks (her current bookkeeping service provider) to make these entries into the bookkeeping platform. In particular, Sophia was able to close out (pay off) the old loan and obtain a much higher loan as part of the terms for

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Owner Personal Loan to Small Business

My client, Mary, recently made a personal loan to her small business in the amount of $20,000. This personal loan actually originated from a bank, in which Mary took out in her own name, then she transferred these funds to her business bank account. This loan is also charging interest in which Mary will have

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Intercompany Loan or Equity Transfers

My client, Tammy, has multiple companies (each company does have its own EIN) and thus is always transferring cash between companies: I have recommended to Tammy not to abuse this practice due to tax reasons, especially if she were to ever create business structures that would require, amongst other things, these transfers to be treated

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