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Credit Memo Refund in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

Here are instructions to create a refund directly from an already-existing but unused credit memo in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. Menu: Go to your customer list and select the customer who has the existing credit memo on file. Find the credit memo to be refunded and open it up (double-click on it). Now, select “Use credit

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Issue Overpayment Refund in QuickBooks Desktop

Here are instructions to receive a customer overpayment then issue a check refund for the resulting credit balance using QuickBooks Desktop. Note: This is not the same as creating a credit memo. Menu: Go to Customers>Receive Payments. Choose the customer in the “Received From” field. Fill in the Payment Amount. Be sure to choose an

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How to Issue a Customer Check Refund from a Previous Overpayment in QuickBooks Online

1. Go to the vendor check-writing feature in QuickBooks Online. 2. Choose the customer name as the Payee name. 3. Choose “Accounts Receivable” as the Category. 4. Type in the overpayment amount to be refunded. 5. Click on “Save and Close”. 6. Next, go to the customer profile to actually apply this check payment refund

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