Sometimes, over a period of months or years, you may have inadvertently created similar looking vendor names or customer names in your QuickBooks company file.

You may then decide, for various reasons, that you really need to begin merging some of these named profiles together.

Before you being this activity, here are some important things to consider first:

· If your customer profiles that you want to merge also have sub-customers (for example: customers with different jobs), then these steps below may not be a solution for you.

· If you are looking to merge the profiles of vendors and customers who currently have open accounts receivables or open accounts payables issues, then these issues should be cleaned up first prior to proceeding with the below steps to merge.

To merge vendor profiles in QuickBooks, here are the steps:

1. First choose the vendor name whose name you want to keep and open their profile.

2. Highlight the name of this vendor (in the Vendor Name field) and copy using your keyboard shortcut on your computer.

3. Now go to the similar-looking vendor profile in your QuickBooks file and open their profile (this 2nd vendor name is the name that will be gone once the merging is complete).

4. Highlight the name of this 2nd vendor (in the Vendor Name field) and paste using your keyboard shortcut on your computer.

a. Please note: All address and payment history information from the 1st vendor profile will also become the information for this 2nd vendor profile as well, so be sure this is what you want to do since this action is QuickBooks cannot be reversed.

5. Click Save & Close.

a. Note: You will get a QuickBooks warning notifying you of another vendor profile with the exact same name and asking you if you would like to merge the two profiles together. Click Yes.

6. Now review the information in the newly created merged vendor profile for accuracy and just to be sure you did everything right.

The steps to merge two customer profiles are the same.

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