One of my clients is an applications designer & developer. In 2010, after a year of having his bookkeeping and payroll systems maintained by a CPA firm, he realized that this firm was not able to maintain the level of detailed and accurate bookkeeping that he desired. That is when he found and hired me.

We began by releasing his old online payroll processor and CPA firm. Soon after, we discovered a significant error in one of the previous 941 quarterly payroll tax filings. We contacted the IRS and filed an amended filing (941x).

Our next step was to convert his QuickBooks Desktop for Mac software to QuickBooks Desktop for Windows because the Windows version offered more powerful and updated features that my client desired. This step required some additional planning, as my client and his staff were all Mac users. We had to install the new QuickBooks software and file on a separate in-house Windows server so that it could be accessed via Remote Desktop or VPN from a Mac or Windows computer.

This client employs online project management software to track all timesheet activity for contractors and employees. I worked with the client to match all relevant fields in the project management tracker to corresponding fields in QuickBooks. We utilize a conduit software and a customized Excel spreadsheet to convert the data to enable the transfer of data between the two systems. Once in QuickBooks, the timesheet data can be used to create vendor bills and payroll, allowing for accurate tracking of all job costing for all projects and the use of the powerful reporting features that QuickBooks offers.

To process his timesheet-based employee paychecks on a bi-weekly basis, we use QuickBooks Enhanced Desktop payroll solutions software. His payroll includes direct deposits and multi-state jurisdictions.

Another client is an Interior Designer, and uses a special industry-specific bookkeeping software to maintain their business financials. While their software includes features for invoicing and sales tax tracking, the client still has to use an outsourced payroll processor. The client chose to use QuickBooks Full Payroll Solutions, and hired me to maintain the payroll function; including entering the completed payroll data back into the Interior Design bookkeeping software company file. Twice a month I process payroll from the employee time submitted to me by logging in to the client’s QuickBooks Full Payroll Solutions module. I then use various QB Payroll reports to enter the paycheck and payroll tax information into spreadsheet logs that are pre-formatted with formulas to ensure that the manually entered data is correct and makes sense. Once the spreadsheet information is footed, I manually enter it in the Interior Design software for processing.

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