In order to customize your outgoing forms in QuickBooks Online you would click on (at the date of this post writing) the Gear Icon>Account and Settings>Sales>Customize Look and Feel (green bar)>New Style (or select the one you want if you already have some created),>(select which type of form you want to customize). There are four main tabs on this screen:

  • Design (notice that each change you make is reflected in the preview to the right).
  • Dive in With a Template –allows you to choose from a variety of layouts for your form.
  • Add Your Unique Logo – allows you to upload your company logo.
  • Splash of Some Color – allows you to select the color for the highlighted areas on your form.
  • Get Choosy With Your Font – allows you to make changes to font style and size.
  • When in Doubt, Print it Out – allows you to adjust margins, format to fit window envelope and include a payslip, or use letterhead.
  • Content (in this section, you will click on the pencil for various areas of the form and make selections from there)
  • Top Section – Check the information that you want displayed in your header here. Decide if you want form numbers, and if you would like to include a custom field on this form.
  • Middle Section – Check the information that you want to display in the table, including an account summary.  You have the choice here to edit the individual column labels and widths as well.
  • Bottom Section – Check the items that you want to display in the footer of your form.  Include a message here for the recipient.  Select fonts, font sizes, and alignments for your footer here as well.
  • Emails (this section allows you to choose automated subject lines and email messages for both standard and reminder emails for each form type).
  • Payments (this section is where you will indicate if you will allow your customer to pay online and what forms of payment you will accept via these online payments).

When you are finished deciding how your forms will look, you will exit back to the Sales screen where you will make further choices about how and when your forms are delivered:

  • Sales Form Content – Choose your invoice terms, default method, and if you want to include certain other information.
  • Products and Services – Make selections here about displaying certain information, as well as tracking options.
  • Messages – Choose your default message options here.  It is a good practice to always email yourself a copy.
  • Reminders – Choose your default message options for reminder forms here.  Again, send yourself a copy.
  • Online Delivery – some special considerations in this section:
  • If you want to be able to track your customer’s receipt and viewing of the form, make sure you DO NOT select to attach the form as a PDF.  Forcing them to click on the link creates a record of their view.  This option also allows the customer to pay directly from the form.
  • Use the HTML email ONLY if you do not subscribe to QuickBooks Payments (allowing the customer to pay directly from the online form), and if you do not want to be able to track the client receipt and view of the form.
  • Statements – Choose the detail level in your statements as well as whether or not you want an aging table at the bottom.

Still have questions?  Contact AccuraBooks.  We are happy to help!

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