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Bookkeeping & POS Fixes for Retail Business

My client, Ashley, owns and operates a retail boutique in a busy section of town. She utilizes a cash register point of sale system with a separate QuickBooks Desktop software to serve as their back-office bookkeeping system. For the first year or so of her business operations, there were some major problems festering that resulted

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Basic Job Costing Info in QuickBooks

Briefly, job costing is simply applying your revenues and expenses to the customers and jobs (or projects) for which they were used.  In QuickBooks, for each bill, check, and credit card transaction related to a particular job, be sure to complete the Customer:Job column.  Remember to complete this column for both labor and materials. Once

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Bookkeeping for Consignments

There are different methods for handling consignments in various bookkeeping systems.  In QuickBooks, one very efficient way to account for consignments is to incorporate the use of Sales Orders.  Sales Orders are “non-posting” transactions, so they will not affect your financials or your Inventory on hand levels.  You can set up your QuickBooks Inventory system

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