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Consulting Inventory Management in QuickBooks

Margaret, a pet food manufacturer/guarantor client of mine has her products delivered to distributors across the country. She needed some inventory management consulting and thus hired AccuraBooks for this. Margaret uses the QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop software for all here company’s bookkeeping, and they were interested in activating the QuickBooks Advanced Inventory Module (also known as

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Inventory Advice in QuickBooks Desktop

My clients often ask me for help understanding and handling the Inventory process in QuickBooks Desktop.  I always assure them that Inventory in QuickBooks is not difficult to maintain if you are willing to take the time to learn the how’s and why’s behind the QuickBooks basic Inventory handling process. (Please note that QuickBooks BASIC

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Double-Sided Inventory Items in QuickBooks Desktop

Inventory items are tracked items that you sell to your customers.  These items can also be used as parts to build inventory assemblies with. When creating your Inventory items, you should opt to make them “double-sided.”  This means that when you purchase an item, the appropriate expense/COGS account will reflect this item on your Income

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