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David Kuzak, Managing Member for AccuraBooks
David Kuzak Managing Member

Value Added Services


A sound & efficient financial system can add value to your business because the reports you provide to investors, creditors and any other 3rd party will enhance your image and expertise. As seen on the TV show “Shark Tank”, a business owner/CEO should know their profit margins cold if their business is really going to be worth the time and effort for all parties involved. Be sure you understand your bottom line before filing reports/making claims to any outside party.

Updated Financials


A business owner should understand exactly what they need an outsourced bookkeeper to do for their business prior to interviewing them. Do you want someone to send invoices to your customers? Do you want someone to only update the bank accounts? Who is going to handle your payroll? How often is the outsourced bookkeeper going to update your financials?

Reliable Reporting


How reliable are your financial reports right now? Do you understand them? Can your bookkeeper explain them to you? Can you fully explain your financial reports to your investors & creditors? Are there a bunch of loose ends in your financial reports that don’t seem to make sense that you prefer just to roll-up into some other income or expense account? Try to remember all of these questions when you need to create a budget to control your cash flow and your overall expenses for each year.

Bookkeeping with Integrity


Overall, do you trust anyone, besides yourself, to handle your bookkeeping? Remember, you as the business owner will be the most motivated & excited person to ensure the survivability of your business because you have the vision to look down the road to see where you want to be in the future. So, try to find a good support system that works personally for you. There are a lot of great bookkeepers out there, but remember, finding a bookkeeper is almost like finding a business partner because the relationship is ongoing and hopefully will be helpful throughout all of your business trials and adventures.

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